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                Guangdong Zhongxing Plastic And Paper Printing Co.,Ltd
                About Zhongxing
                Contact Us

                Email: richard.lin@zhongxing-press.com

                Add: No.10, Yanhe Road, Jinping Science & Technology Park, Daxue Road, Shantou, Guangdong, China

                Home>About Zhongxing>Company Profile
                Company Profile

                Zhongxing Packaging is a privately-owned company. Since 1984, we dedicated ourselves to supply flexible packaging to foodstuff company in China, we have made great strides in 28 years recording impressive year-on-year growth.

                Today, Zhongxing is one of the most established companies in China’s food packaging industry. Our development continues to be stable. Zhongxing is a strong, well-run company commercially and financially. Substantial capital investment is targeted into business and R&D every year, especially in upgrading production technology and facility. Our developed “De-metallization” technique shaped us to be one of the most skillful companies in China’s packaging industry. We are expert in supplying De-metallization packaging. We continue to catch the latest innovative packaging technique and successfully developed techniques of “Paper & Plastic Packaging”, “Registered Matte” and “Cold Seal”.

                We have built a 20,000 sq meters environmental-friendly factory, 40 sets of excellent facilities and a 200 professional workforce. Our company has successfully accredited with ISO 9001:2000 ??ISO 14001:2004 and ISO22000:2006. Our material also passed the SGS test and up to FDA / EC standard.

                By the turn of the century, we successfully developed international packaging market. We have built up good business relationship with customers in the region of America, Europe, Oceania and South East Asia. This is to recognize our quality and service that we can fulfill customer’s packaging requirement and our products are competitive in international market. We set up a branch in the U.K. to continue developing international market.

                Our solid technique, advanced production facilities and management system assure us to bring high quality product and good service to our customers. We are confident to create a splendid future shaped by our company values of quality, technology, flexibility, rapid response and reliability.